Saturday 28/03/2020
Training Department

​​Training Message:

We provide a special service for the trainees as soon as possible to meet their needs.

Training Vision:

We want the training department to become a leading center for training the manpower in the Kingdom.

Training department definition:

Training department is responsible for receiving training requests outside King Saud Medical City for all trainees.

Training department duties:

The main duty of the training department is to coordinate between trainees from outside the city and the concerned departments for training inside the city, to complete the documents of acceptance and joining, and to grant the trainees certificates at the end of the training.

Types of Training:

  • Training without pay ( Governmental Sectors)

  • Paid Training ( Private Sectors)

    The importance of the training department to the City:

    The training department of the Academic affairs is one of the most important departments in the City; as it is one of the financial reaches of the city trough paid training. It is an essential part of any governmental or private entity, and has an important role in evaluating and classifying the establishment. Furthermore, it is one of the field education pillars. Where the trainee is being integrated into the workplace environment before getting the job, in which he will be aware of the importance of his work. It also indirectly urges the participants in the training and education process to update their information and follow up what is new in their field of specialization to keep up with the training.​


Contact Information: 
Mr. Abdullah Al-Ghamdi​
Ext:​​ 2284
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