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“Riyadh police" honors a nurse who revealed fraud cases

"Riyadh police" honors a nurse who revealed fraud cases

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Riyadh Police, represented by King Saud Medical City security, honored nurse Rima Bint Saad Al-Hasawi from the Children Hospital Emergency, in recognition of her excellence in work, where she managed to detect a number of document fraud cases meant for gaining treatment in the medical city through false data.

The executive management of the city appreciated the efforts of Ms. Al-Hasawi, which was initially emerged from her sense of national responsibility and dedication, noting that these acts represent the noble values that will contribute in enhancing the security and safety of the community.

KSMC pointed out that this honor comes from the security keenness to urge the positive values and activate the sense of security among the staff, encouraging everyone to be diligent and perform their duties with all sincerity and honesty.

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