Friday 21/02/2020

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Live Streaming of Catheterization Surgery from KSMC to a Global Conference in America


A number of Cardiologists around the world have witnessed Cardiac Catheterization conducted by the Cardiac Catheterization Center King Saud Medical City in Riyadh live. The surgery was broadcast live to a global conference held in Orlando, USA, attended by international specialists and individuals interested in Interventional Cardiology. The conference is considered the largest international conference in this specialty.

Choosing King Saud Medical City to broadcast such surgeries is a confirmation from the supervising committee of the conference on the important role played by King Saud Medical City and its leadership in various fields.

The surgery has been performed by a medical team consisting of Dr. Mubarak Al-Dosari; head of cardiac catheterization in the medical city, Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Mughairy, Ahmed Al-Shehri; Head of Nursing, and Abdullah Al-Dosari; Head and specialist of the Cardiac Catheterization Center.

The Interventional Catheterization Conference is held annually in Orlando, USA, since 2004. It focuses on cardiac and peripheral vascular catheterization, created for specialists and individuals interested in Interventional Catheterization. The conference provides lectures and discussions with international specialists from around the world, as well as seminars, workshops, and many educational materials attended by nearly 1200 doctors.

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