Management of all women in labor including the use of Partogram

CTG monitoring for every patient.

Augmentation of patient in early labour by amniotomy & use of Oxytocin.

Dealing with antepartum hemorrhage cases, preterm labour, normal & abnormal labour.

Use of Magnesium sulphate pump in pre-eclamptic and eclamptic patients.

Isolation room for infectious diseases: e.g. Hepatitis, HIV, Syphilis, H1N1, etc.

Epidural procedure analgesia.

Availability of Sterile set for each patient with facility of Episiotomy according to the patient's assessment.

Use of Vacuum Instrument (Silatic Kiwi Ventouse/Metallic) for vacuum assisted delivery once indicated.

Use of forceps Instrument (Outlet /Mid Cavity Forceps) for forceps assisted delivery once indicated.

Accessibility of transferring of patients to Operating Room for Breech delivery, Multiple pregnancy, Emergency  C/S for Fetal Distress and Abnormal Labor, and other indications.

Operation Room with tables for:

Emergency C/S and examination under anesthesia (EUA).

Emergency Hysterectomy.

Uterine artery ligation and B-Lynch sutures.

Internal lilac artery ligation.

Extended Episiotomy Sutured repair th degree Perineal Tear.

Dealing with Postpartum Hemorrhage cases.​