Our Services:

Out-patient services for pregnant women antenatal care and Gyne cases in a number of clinics:

Gyneoncology Clinic

Hysteroscopy and Colposcopy Clinic

Infertility Clinic

Perinatology Clinic

Physicians Clinic

Anesthesia Clinic

In addition to support services (Social Worker, PRO Office and Patient Rights Office, Nutrition Clinic, Physiotherapy Clinic, Health and Diabetic Educators, Breastfeeding Education Clinic). The section provide other main services:

ER triaging patient and resuscitative measures for life threatening condition including CPR.       

Care in women in labor intra partum and post-partum.

Surgical management for obstetrical and gynecological cases with pre/post-operative care.

Management of pregnant women with medical or surgical problems.

Maternity Intensive Care Unit (MICU) for admission of critically ill patients.

Operative services for major and minor obstetrical and gynecological surgeries including Day Surgery Unit.

Gyneoncology services.

Diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopic services.

Perinatology services.

Infertility services.

Urogynecology services.

​Pediatric and adolescent Gynecology​.