Plastic Surgery/ Burn Department is to provide comprehensive quality care to patients with fresh burn congenital deformation, post burn, trauma complication. It also offers cosmetic surgery for body contouring.



To provide safe and distinctive healthcare for our patient through qualified staff and effective management.


To fashion plastic surgery unit as pioneer health care unit with all equipment and facilities to increase our spectrum of services to treat and satisfy plastic surgery patients.


• Putting Islamic standards into account in managing the cases that involve cosmetic surgery with the consent of the husband or wife.

• Respecting the patients and their needs.

• Respecting the patient's opinion in the treatment method and continuity.

• Patient participation and consent in decision regarding his condition/procedure.

• Participation of the child's guardian.

• Avoid experimental processes and procedures without proper research and study.

• Develop a program for scientific study to inform the patient and take his approval.

• Explain cosmetic operation that may affect the form or appearance, where the patient must be aware of the details with the potential complication.