The General Surgery Department is located in the 2nd & 4th floor of KSMC's General Hospital.   It includes approximately 5 Surgical locations and 1 unit for male/ female cases with bleeding; 2 male surgical wards (300-D & 300-G) and 3 female Surgical wards (300- B, 300-M & 500- A) and in addition the Hematemesis & Melena Unit (HMU) for G.I. bleeding cases and the Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Center.



The Department of General Surgery is to provide the best surgical care to the patients with well qualified medical staff, with opportunities to satisfy the needs of patient, and at the same time to provide an optimal training for post graduate doctors.



We are aiming to promote the General Surgery Department to be the ideal and up to date in managing surgical patients putting it at the level of tertiary care center in the Ministry of Health, and to gain the trust of the patients.


• Take consideration of the patients and respect their rights.

• Sincerity in treating the patients.

• Respect in dealing between the staff.

• Teamwork.

• Stick to medical ethics and our Islamic culture.