Cardiology Department is located at the third floor Lobby of the Medical Tower at King Saud Medical City. It provides cardiac diagnostic and therapeutic services for both inpatient and outpatient. The patient served by the department consist of adult patients requiring cardiac testing or treatment to maintain optimum physiological of the cardiac system.

 The Cardiology Department has 24 beds capacity. Coronary Care Unit (CCU) which is located at the second floor left wing of the Medical Tower of King Saud Medical City. CCU provides a comprehensive 24-hour nursing care for adult patients requiring intensive care and hemodynamic monitoring for a condition, which is usually cardiac in origin. It provides the standard life saving monitoring equipment, including invasive and non-invasive electrocardiography, hemodynamic and respiratory assessment and a 24-hour support covered by Consultant Cardiologist, Cardio Specialists, trained Cardiology Residents, and specially trained nursing staff with a nurse patient ratio of 1:2 for stable cases, and 1:1 for the critically ill patient with single and or multiple system failure (i.e. with multiple drips and ventilated patient) with an annual admission of more than one thousand patients.



The mission of the Cardiology Department and CCU is to improve cardiovascular health through safe and quality care to patients admitted to or referred to King Saud Medical City.



To continually strive to provide high quality and safe patient care up to the international standards.



        • • Focus on Patient Rights.

  • • Quality of Care/Services.

  • • Patient Centered Care.

  • • Mutual Respect.

  • • Teamwork (Together Everyone Achieves More)

  • • Best of Professional and Ethical Practices.

  • • Respect for Islamic Traditions and Laws.

  • • Optimal Utilization of Resources.

  • • Continuous Competency Based Training.