Anesthesia Department in King Saud Medical City provides anesthesia care to patients for all operations (Emergency & Routine), starting from the time the patient reaches Operating Room (OR) until discharged from Recovery Room (RR): including General surgery, Orthopedic and traumatology, Urology, Plastic E N T, Dental, and Ophthalmic & Neurosurgery. 

In addition to the above sites, the department is responsible of Anesthesia a conscious sedation for patients in:       


1. ESWL in Urology ward                                                                                    

2. Esophagus in 500 H                                                                                          

3. Radiology Section for some diagnostic procedures                                          

4. ETC patients in Al Amal Hospital.        



The Anaesthesiology department aims to provide the anaesthesia services for patients through working within a scientific system with the participation of all staff to achieve national quality standards.


The Anaesthesiology department aims to be the leader within the ministry of health hospitals by providing the best health services.


Anesthesia department is committed to K.S.M.C values of:


Respect the patient and his rights.

Mutual clarity and respect between patient and anesthesia staff.

Team work spirit.

Commitment to medical ethics.

Respect of patient privacy during operation.

Continuous improvement to present best services for the patient.