​The aim of the Research Center at King Saud Medical City:

King Saud Medical City Research Center conducts clinical and other researches in collaboration with researchers from inside and outside King Saud Medical City. The results of these researches are expected to lead us to a development in several fields such as prevention and trauma researches, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the health of Saudi society.


Services of the Research Center in King Saud Medical City:

The Research Center provides opportunities for patients and physicians to participate in clinical and research trials by providing a range of services, including:

  • • Prepare suitable designs for medical research.

  • • Data collection, analysis and other biometrics.

  • • Allocate resources for funding research; i.e. internal and external grants.

  • • Support the local ethics committee of research.

  • • Supervising the dissemination of research findings in local and international journals.