Wednesday 01/04/2020


  1. 1- Honesty

  2. 2- Cooperation

  3. 3- Appreciation of work value

  4. 4- Teamwork spirit

Volunteering Department Objectives:

  1. 1- To achieve Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, which did not miss volunteering work that represent an important aspect of Saudi Arabia development.

  2. 2- To enhance volunteering activities for the community.

  3. 3- To develop a mechanism to organize volunteer work at King Saud Medical City and benefit from the volunteers' services of to assist the organization in providing some of the required services.

  4. 4- To enhance the capacity of external organizations and highlight their goals by offering their time, skills, and experience to KSMC with the voluntary activities and events.

  5. 5- To prepare and organize volunteer programs under one umbrella.

  6. 6- To reduce problems that occurred due to the shortage of human resources.

  7. 7- To benefit from experienced members of community in achieving the objectives of KSMC.

  8. 8- To promote the spirit of contribution and support in volunteers to help the community.

  9. 9- To give volunteer the opportunity to participate in providing services and activities.

  10. 10- To improve the work environment through volunteers 'efforts.

  11. 11- To reflect the humanitarian message adopted by King Saud Medical City in serving individuals with disabilities, patients, and elderly people.