Monday 27/03/2017

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A brief history of King Saud Medical City:

On Sunday 8 / 4 / 1376 H , the King Saud Medical city was established, during King Saud bin Abdulaziz' reign. The name at first was King Saud Hospital, then it became Riyadh Central Hospital which consists of the following departments:

    * General Surgery Department, including the Ortho
    * Medicine, childbirth and children 
    * Laboratory 
    * Pharmacy 
    * Radiology 
    * Vaccination 

- In 1382 H, outpatient clinics where opened. 
- In 1383H was the opening of the Central Laboratory and Blood Bank Center, as well as respiratory diseases. 
- In 1393 H physiotherapy department was created where  formerly a nurse handled the work  and it was called a massage. 
- In 1397 H , a separate department for Kidneys was opened and the separation of the Children's Department as well as the Gynecology and childbirth Department  and turned them to independent hospitals in addition to the Riyadh Central Hospital. 
- In 1405 H , a medical center specializing in dentistry was opened and it is one of the most  advanced centers in the region. 
- In 1413 H , the integration of Gynecology and childbirth  Hospital and Children's Hospital in addition to the General Hospital to be under the name of Riyadh Medical Complex 
-  1422 H , his Royal Highness Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahad bin Abdul Aziz  opened the King Fahad Charitable Center for  Kidneys. 
- In the year 1426 H,  a unit for Prosthetics was opened. 


Now KSMC has expanded to include the  General Hospital , Out patient clinics ,  emergency, King Fahad Charitable Center for  Kidneys and Dental Center in addition to a prosthetic, and also the Children's Hospital and Gynecology and childbirth Hospital. 

Stages of naming the facility:

It was previously known as King Saud Hospital, later on it became Riyadh Central Hospital and then Riyadh Medical Complex and Now King Saud Medical City because of the breadth and the increasing number of fields and specializations.