Wednesday 01/04/2020

A multi-phased development for KSMC commenced in 2013.  The new hospital complex replaces the oldest medical city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The complex includes the creation of a new trauma center serving the entire region; a first for the medical city. The master plan includes 1,000 single patient rooms in two new medical towers. The first phase will include a surgical tower above the Diagnostic +Testing (D+I) block with 480 private in-patient rooms designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate a broad range of acuity requirements.   ksmc1.jpg    "The development addresses the challenges of expanding a fully functioning medical city while minimizing the impact of critical operations," says Ahmad Soueid, AIA, HDR's project executive. "It meets world-class standards in care delivery and caters to a new generation of patients and medical professionals."  The entire campus is designed to align with the existing Islamic geometries of the old city, to allow unobstructed patient views, and to maximize shadowing of a new pedestrian green plaza. 


(All of the buildings of the new city are organized around this central plaza.) Walking paths connect one building to another and are intentionally always in shade ̶ making the pedestrian connections viable even in summer months. Also, the buildings create enough condensate to water the central green, to fill the reflecting pools, and to feed the waterways and fountains.​