Saturday 28/03/2020

The patient and his/her family are entitle to:

Discuss the treatment with the patient or his/her legal guardian confidentially.

Cover the patient private parts unless a medically urgent situation arose.

Maintain the confidentiality of the patient's information, diagnosis, tests, treatment and medical records, unless the patient or legal guardian grants the permission to release them – except where it is legally needed.

Refuse to see anyone not concerned with providing the health service, including visitors.

Patient medical record is accessible only to:

The medical team caring for the patient.

The quality management program team.

The health facility research team.

People with a written authorization of the patient, legal guardian or legal authorities.

Provide the patient with appropriate outfits and necessary personal kit.

Have separated male and female waiting areas.

Transfer the patient to a private examination room if his room was not suitable for examination.

Ensure the presence of someone of the same sex as the patient in the examination room.

Ensure that the patient does not stay in the examination room more than needed.