Wednesday 19/02/2020


The patient and his/her family are entitle to:

The patient may participate in a research study that is related to his/her case if he/she met its requirement and based on the research capacity.

Provide the patient with clear and comprehensive information about the research or the used clinical, therapeutic and medication treatment in addition to the expected outcomes.

The patient has the right to give his or her consent or refusal to participate before or during the research or the study.

Provide a special form in order to participate in any research or study that must be signed by the patient or his/her legal guardian.

Researches and studies must be supervised and permitted by a (scientific /official) committee or authority.

Follow standard and clear procedures in protecting patients and receiving their complains and opinions while conducting a study or a research.

Ensure the patient’s right to quit without affecting his/her right to be treated.